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eblett ellison

The brief:

to redesign the eblett ellison web site, giving the site a cleaner fresher appeal and increasing the functionality of the existing search facility.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, asp.NET, MSDE


The site features a small CMS that allows Eblett Ellison to update the properties held in the database through secure forms authentication in asp.NET.

The system allows people to register with the site and automatically sends an email to them when a property type or region they are interested in is added to the database. There is of course a facility for the user to remove themselves from the email list.

The site is small in terms of number of pages, so to add variety to each page, a suite of images featuring prominent North East locations and landmarks is used where one picture is displayed at random on each page refresh.


As a small site I was able to provide shared hosting on a windows 2000 server.

Portfolio: Eblett Ellison